How to Start off in Bodybuilding


How to Start off in Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding could be described as one of the hardest sports to gain a foothold in for various different reasons. One common misconception of young bodybuilders is a desire to grow too quickly. You can’t expect to hit the gym and wake up next morning jacked like Schwarzenegger!

1 Enlist help.

Many gyms offer the services of a personal trainer who can assess your degree of training and devise a training plan that will match your objectives. Online resources like and can help you learn about different exercises and provide sample workout routines.

2 Keep a record of your progress.

A written notebook is especially useful. You can’t beat a personal record when there’s no trace of it! Also look for fitness planning smartphone apps, such as JEFIT. Taking pictures of yourself is also a good way to track your progression. You can really see a difference months after months.Whenever you feel unmotivated about exercising, reading over your journal will remind you of all the work you’ve put and and how much you’ve accomplished

3 Train diligently .

Patience and dedication are the attributes of a successful bodybuilder. Novices should use a beginner program such as Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength. Full body workouts are usually best. As you become more advanced, you can increase your training frequency by using a split (e.g. push/pull days). Your muscle groups should have 48 hours of rest between workouts.

4 Nutrition is VERY important.

You may want to take a look at the WikiHow article about bodybuilding nutrition.

5 Sleep.

After training hard and getting a good meal, your muscles are probably sore. Give them that hard earned rest. Stay away from stressful environments and get at LEAST 8 hours of sleep a night.

6 Remain patient.

Results will come. Every few months, re-evaluate your program, but make sure to stick with your program for a few months before making changes.

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